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DJ Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson - Gone to soon

28 May 1982 - 16 February 2011

Our friend, our musical guide and mentor has been taken from us. Brett Jackson passed away 16 February 2011 at 05h45 at the Pretoria East hospital, loosing his battle to Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer at the age of 28.

Brett was mature beyond his years. He was often misunderstood. He hid his shyness behind an aloofness that many people perceived as arrogance. But it was never that. Brett just did not suffer fools gladly and his maturity and strength of personality guided him through his short life with a level of confidence rarely seen in someone his age. Brett would never want to be measured by how many friends he had, just the quality of those friendships - and we are proud to say we were among them.

We got to know Brett back in 2003. In his usually aloof manner, he slowly let us in and in 2004 with the help of our good friend Christophe, the Jamjar Conspiracy Tour took the three of us to Europe, playing in London, across Switzerland and Germany. A strong bond and friendship formed on that trip as we discovered how much we enjoyed each others miserable company :-) We all shared a common belief that the only way to do things was the right way. Our bitching and moaning sessions were legendary and we loved to complain about the poor state of affairs over many a beer and even more tequila's. We thrived in our combined misery. I do not expect anyone to understand this bond we had, but nothing could ever break it!

Brett was an incredible talent, had a musical mind like few, he was loyal and had a huge heart and quietly went about his business in a manner that could only be admired.

Our friend, Brett, we will always love you and miss you. We are so grateful that we got to share a part of your life's journey with you and we will always have the most incredible memories of our times together. We promise to celebrate your life, not mourn your passing. We shall remember you with music, stories, laughter and smiles but we shall also cry because we miss you.

RIP Brett Jackson
Much love, Otto and Adam


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