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Jamjar Session 006

Mixed by Otto

Released: 26 July 2007

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Simfy DJ



Jamjar Session 006. Yeah it's been a while... all Adam's fault, the mix was ready months ago but he was "to busy" apparently. Slacking off more like it...

For those lazy sunny days ahead, Otto delivers his lounge warm-up for Summer 2007! An eclectic mix of down to mid tempo beats with lots of trip hop, breaks, nu-jazz and groovez (a full 2 hours and 15 min of chilled out beats).

The mix is dedicated to Taryn and Simon (many happy years together!!)

As always we would love to hear your feedback. Enjoy.

Track Listing

Calm Returns After – Nemoy

Record Label: Bonzzaj Recordings

Nothing to Lose – Isabelle Antena (Thievery Version)

Record Label: esl music

The Big Knife – Projection Orange

Record Label: unreleased

A Gentle Dissolve – Thievery Corporation

Record Label: Unknown

From the Distance – Zeb

Record Label: unreleased

Dream Over – Take

Record Label: Swedish Brandy

Red Wine, Chocolate and Romance – Shaftsbury Sisters

Record Label:Unknown

Columbus Beach – Afefe Iku

Record Label: Unknown

KTB – Robag Wruhme

Record Label: EMI music

Shadow in the City – DJ Force

Record Label: Compost Records

The supreme illusion – Thievery Corporation

Record Label: esl music

Whistling in Tongues – Felix Laband

Record Label: Compost Records

The seed – Zeb

Record Label: Moonbeat Recordings

Modifications part 2 – Karma

Record Label: Spectrum Works

Moksa – Salvador Group

Record Label: Compost Records

Happy – Sedgley (Soul Mekanik Remix)

Record Label: unreleased

Don't Joke with a Hungry Man – Quantic

Record Label: EMI music

4 Barry – Domez & Full-one Project

Record Label: Domenico Mezzatesta

Metti una sera a cena (Jazzanova Remix) – Balanco

Record Label: Schema Records

The Breeze is Black (Bobby Hughes Remix) – Zimpala

Record Label: Lounge Records

Definitive answer – Halibut

Record Label: unreleased

Fire in the Hold – Ronnie & Clyde

Record Label: Leaf

Notabossa – The Funky Lowlives

Record Label: Ascension Music

Casablanca – Force & Paul

Record Label: Compost Records

Flu Bassoon (dhp mix) – Jerome Isma-ae

Record Label: Compose Records

Explosion – Dusty

Record Label: Unknown

The Sun – Outlanders

Record Label: Take it Easy

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