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The Jamjar duo of Otto and Adam each take turns to deliver a monthly session of selected tracks that are currently circulating in their boxes. From the latest releases to classics, each mix is a unique reflection of the music they love and enjoy.

You can also expect regular guest sets but one philosophy will remain true: Jamjar sessions are sometimes soulful, sometimes dirty, always deep!

Jamjar Sessions

jamjarsession009 - mixed by Otto

Releases: 20 August 2008
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jamjarsession008 - mixed by Adam

Releases: 30 January 2008
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jamjarsession007 - mixed by Otto

Releases: 6 November 2007
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jamjarsession006 - mixed by Otto

Releases: 26 July 2007
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jamjarsession005 - mixed by Otto

Releases: 10 April 2007
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jamjarsession003 - mixed by Otto

Releases: 15 January 2007
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jamjarsession002 - mixed by Adam

Releases: 1 December 2006
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jamjarsession001 - mixed by Otto

Releases: 1 November 2006
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Guest Sessions

jamjarsessionguest - mixed by Tribal Soul

Releases: 10 August 2007
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jamjarsessionguest - mixed by Brett Jackson

Releases: 13 February 2007
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